Efforts in procurement

For conservation of the global environment, we have been working on reduction of Substances of Concern (SOC), which have significant effects on the human body. Especially, concerning four substances of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and cadmium, their use is restricted.
(Goods that are designated by customers are excluded.)

Target: the amount used in fiscal year 2002 (60g/vehicle) to be reduced by half in fiscal year 2006.

Target: banned to use in January 2005 and after. (Lighting equipment is excluded.)

Hexavalent chromium
Target: banned to use in January 2008 and after.

Target: banned to use in January 2007 and after.

Procurement of new materials

alpolic boad

TOYO BODY proactively works on introduction of Alpolic DB, a material in which low foamed urethane and Alpolic are combined.

Since Alpolic DB is light-weight and corrosion-free, compared with existing combined panels, it is hygienic and can be used for an extended period. It has excellent rigidity for processing, and is well-suited for truck rear doors, double doors, and liftgates.

Characteristics of Alpolic DB

Bolts and screws can directly be driven in any place.

Urethane material provides high insulation.

Integral molding of Alpolic and urethane provides a structure that is hard to peel off.

Nonuse of wood
Since wood material is not used, the material absorbs little moisture and is insusceptible to decay.

It is light-weight compared with existing combined panels that use wood (MDF) and aluminum.

It has little warpage due to temperature change.

Information solicitation concerning materials

TOYO BODY always keeps procurement of goods that are excellent in QCDE in mind. Contact us if you have any proposals.