Information on Products

Truck transportation includes a wide-range of customer uses. We have developed various types of products, with manufacturing products that match our customer’s business deployment kept in mind.

Trucks with soft-top winged rear body for putting loads in and out easily, or vending cars optimum for transportation of beverages. Aluminum gates and aluminum vans, which are lightweight and highly recyclable. Flat bodies with attractive warmth of wood. Also, we have a track record of developing the first Airplane Tire Changer in the world, dealing with manufacturing of products not limited to trucks.

In the years to come, we will be committed to the manufacture of products appreciated and selected by our customers.

Pursuit for lightness of carriers

TOYO BODY has been promoting lightness of truck bodies toward improvement of fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction since 2007. The drinking water truck we developed in 2007 achieved 751 kg, which was approximately 20% lighter than the existing type. Our company’s efforts have also been covered in TV programs.

Pursuit of Environment