The first in the world!Airplane Tire Changes

Airplane tires weighing 200kg can be changed by a single person! It is a revolutionary vehicle, the first in the world.


The tires of an airplane needs to be changed once in 100 to 200 flights on an average.

Conventionally, they are changed by a team of two people by carefully lifting the fuselage with a jack, and taking off the wheels. Our “Tire Changer” makes it possible to perform this work easily only by one person. It is the first specialized work vehicle in the world, which can also be used for changing brakes or transportation of tire brakes.

Characteristics of Airplane Tire Changes

  1. Change of airplane tires weighing 200kg, which conventionally takes two people to perform, can be managed by a single person!
  2. For jack-up, changing, and transportation work, you only need our “Airplane Tire Changer.” Work time and labor costs can be reduced.
  3. It can be used not only for changing tires but also for changing brakes.
  4. It is the first revolutionary vehicle in the world that we have developed and sell.

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