Wooden Flat Body

Goods: general cargo

A universal model with few restrictions on dimensions of cargoes or methods of transportation.
It is possible to paint the body matching the color of cab.


A standard type truck that has been used by a number of customers for many years. Floor and gate are all wooden furnished, giving the feeling of warmth. Baking finish of the body for the cab color is possible.

As for the body size, the length and the width can be ordered in steps of 10mm.

Characteristics Wooden Flat Body

  1. A standard type truck that is equally suited for transportation of various freight.
  2. Floor and gate inside are wooden furnished. It is possible to select such materials as floor material (apiton, apiton plywood, lauan plywood (LVL)), and gate material (apiton plywood, rubber plywood, lauan plywood).
  3. Baking finish for the cab color is possible.
  4. Auxiliary equipment such as a simplified crane and tail gate lifter can be equipped as options.
  5. The gates can be opened in three-ways: both sides and rear.

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