Wing Body

Goods: general cargo

Loads can be easily put in and out with the upward-opening sides.
We have developed small/medium van suitable for efficient transportation.


It is called wing body truck because it looks like a bird spreading the wings when the sides of the cargo bay are opened. Because loading and unloading are possible from both sides, the carrier can be thoroughly used. Long and thin goods can also be put in and out easily.

It is possible to manufacture trucks of the size suitable for cargoes, such as a type with manual wings of canvas sheet, which can be easily opened and closed by women, or a type using hydraulic pressure to open/close the sides.

Remodeling to the canvas sheet type is possible from a completed car.

Characteristics of Wing Body

  1. Since the sides of the cargo bay are opened/closed, goods can be loaded fully in the carrier without leaving space.
  2. Long and thin goods can also be put in and out easily. Leading to improvement of work efficiency.
  3. You can transport without worrying the weather or load shifting.
  4. Options such as manual wings of canvas sheet type or auxiliary power can be added.
  5. Small/medium cars with loading capacity of 2t/4t are available. You can transport using a car that is the right size for the loading capacity.

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